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Hunter studied culinary arts and attended undergrad at Oklahoma State and the University of Nevada Las Vegas before becoming an assistant food and beverage manager of three casinos in Nevada.

Shortly after turning 22, Hunter got married and moved to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, where he went to grad school and served with AmeriCorps as a Youth Volunteer Coordinator. While in grad school, he learned winemaking, brewing, and distilling. He wrote his thesis on mead (honey wine). 

Without money to start a booze-making venture of his own, Hunter and his wife moved overseas; first to Guatemala where he worked for a small brew-pub, and then to work as a teacher at an international school in China. Hunter became a principal and later the vice president of an international education company.  He also served the US Embassy in China as a consular warden for a year.

In June 2017, after 11 years out of state and 8 years overseas, Hunter moved back to his home state to start Oklahoma Distilling Co. Hunter is also the founder of Local Cider, Oklahoma's first cidery, and Angry Bear Mead, which are next door to the distillery.

Photo by Tom Gilbert (Tulsa World)



Custom designed for Oklahoma Distilling Co., this still is equipped with an algorithm enhanced computer that makes it accurate to a degree that a traditional still just isn't. It has six digital controls, two digital pressure sensors, and four electrical solenoids. It is the perfect still for precision and control to create consistent, high quality distillates.

The still has two columns to enable it to operate as a pot still and a reflux still. Complete with copper coil filled columns to remove unwanted odors of sulfur compounds during distillation, this still makes cleaning a breeze in comparison to a traditional copper still. 


Straight science shit, a rotovap is a vacuum pressure still that enables liquids to boil at lower temperatures, thus reducing the amount of heat necessary to distill spirits. This leaves a final spirit with more flavor than traditional distilling.


Simple. Effective. This pot still allows for extensive research and development before creating commercial batches, as well as to supply the tasting room with funky, innovative spirits.


6x distilled, 10x charcoal filtered, cut with Oklahoma Ice Age Water from the Great Salt Plains in western Oklahoma, and finished with a piece of grass from the plains of Oklahoma, this is an ultra-premium vodka made with heart and soul.

Indian Grass is Oklahoma's state grass

The 1907 Rectifier's Series Whiskeys are expertly blended whiskeys from barrels selected by Oklahoma Distilling Co.'s distiller. A rectifier is a master blender and these whiskeys demonstrate the art and expertise of a skilled whiskey blender. 

1907 is the year Oklahoma and Indian Territory incorporated to become the 46th state.

Oklahoma grain from Enterprise Grain in Enid is deeply smoked using hickory on Oklahoma manufactured Hasty-Bake Grills at BurnCo Barbecue. The distillate is cut with Oklahoma Ice Age Water smoked with Oklahoma pecan, creating a barbecue tasting shine.

April 7, 1959 is the date prohibition ended in the state of Oklahoma.

A collaborative spirit, Oklahoma Beerskey is the spirit incarnate of an Oklahoma beer. The first Oklahoma Beerskey is Oklahoma City's Stonecloud Brewing Co.'s Astrodog IPA, which is made with grapefruit peel. To accentuate the natural characteristics of the beer, additional grapefruit peel and hops were added during distillation. The distillate was then cut with sugar water to produce a botanical, one-of-a-kind beer distilled spirit.

Stonecloud Brewing Co. was recognized as a top 10 new brewery in 2019. 


Stiff Shot's rum-based coffee liqueur is delicately sweetened with Cabin Boys Brewery's unfermented stout beer wort.

Joining only 3% of rums, this isn't made with molasses. Made with sugar, this funkified rum has strong notes of banana and butterscotch owing to being fermented from Oklahoma Distilling Co.'s own dunder pit. The pit, known as "Mary Fallin," is named for the governor that vetoed the bill allowing people to buy bottles direct at the distillery. Dunder is the non-alcohol juju stuffs that's left in the still after distilling. Dunder is added to each new fermentation and is what creates this unique, full-flavored rum. The distillate is filtered through rose rock and sandstone before being cut with Oklahoma Ice Age Water from western Oklahoma.

Rose rock is Oklahoma's state rock.



Oklahoma Distilling Co. is always experimenting and collaborating with other artists. These unique offerings are available to be sampled in the distillery.