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We started Oklahoma Distilling Company in late 2017 with Indian Grass Vodka, but my start in alcohol making began nearly 8 years earlier after I got married and moved to Oregon where I went to grad school and learned to make wine, brew beer, and distill. Before grad school, I worked in restaurants and casinos, and attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and culinary school. At the height of the 2008-2009 Financial Crises, I tried to start a winery. It didn't end in success, so we decided to pack up and do something different.

We moved to Guatemala, where I worked at a brewpub, studied Spanish, and got into all things coffee and cacao. After some Central American travel, we headed to China where I worked as an international school teacher and later as a principal. My last year abroad, I got to serve the US Embassy as a Consular Warden. We did a significant amount of travel, visiting 50+ countries.

We're Oklahoma natives, so even after a long sojourn, Oklahoma has always been home. In 2017, we bought a house and sunk the rest of our savings into starting the distillery. 

- Hunter, Anna, River, Alex, and Zoey

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