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Oklahoma Rose Gin

June 28, 2019



For the better part of the last six month, I've been working to craft a gin that creates its own space in the gin world. If you've ever been into our tasting room and had the pleasure of trying any of our unique drinks, you'll find that we're not trying to recreate some experience you can get elsewhere. As artists, we want to craft beverages and spirits that rely on pushing beyond the status quo or are merely imitations of other great artists' works. 


Oklahoma Rose is our state flower, and flowers are amazing botanicals for spirits. So, obviously, our gin is flower forward with rose petal, chamomile, and lavender. Citrus complements floral spirits, thus you'll find heavy citrus notes of lemon and orange in Oklahoma Rose.


While light in color, our pink gin brightens when cooled.


In the world of spirits, there's a lot of mystery. I think the best way to get people excited about the craft is through transparency. With that being said, here are the botanicals and the ratios used in our gin:


Juniper Berries: 39%

Coriander: 16%

Angelica Root: 5%

Lavender: 5%

Chamomile: 5%

Rose Petal: 8%

Lemon Peel: 8%

Orange Peel: 8%

Orris Root: 8%


If you're not licensed as a distiller, you can still make a compound gin by buying a bottle of Indian Grass | Oklahoma Vodka and infusing it with botanicals. A starting point would be 20g Juniper Berries for a 750mL. 



Hunter Stone Gambill

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